“Quality… is everyone’s responsibility.”

— Deming, W. Edwards

About Icotech Healthcare

Icotech Healthcare is a dynamic professional supplying company which has been in operation for the last 4 years. We are a supplier for all modern laboratory equipment and reagents, hospital medical equipment, emergency medical equipment, surgical equipment and consumables. We pride ourselves for being young and trusted in provision of healthcare equipment.
Icotech Healthcare supplies products to hospitals, Research institutes, Ngo’s, institutions, Medical schools, health clinics and doctors/ consultants.
Established in 2013, we have grown to be the premier solutions provider for Medical Equipment and Supplies within the region. Whether you are looking to equip a healthcare center or implement a national project, Icotech Healthcare is well enabled to provide you with the correct quality at internationally competitive pricing. Partner with our team of professionally trained engineers, professional laboratory technologists and nurses.

Why Us

  1. Prompt delivery and installation.
  2. Application training and consultation
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Leading brands
  5. Technical support

Why us

  • Our Mission

    Increasing access to quality healthcare equipment in Kenya and around the world

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